Monday, October 11, 2010

21 Days

In the past 21 days myself and my family have experienced a myriad of emotions and many life changing events.  We have laughed, we have cried, we have screamed in frustration, we have celebrated with joy and counted our blessings, well, it feels like there are not many emotions we haven't experienced.  In the past 21 days we have:

Attended a funeral in Idaho for my sweet Uncle who unexpectedly passed away.
Had a massive garage sale.
Put 80% of our belongings in storage.
Finished a soccer season.
Slept in 4 different houses and a hotel.
De-junked our life.
Mourned with family and friends.
Gone without a computer or internet (until today - yea!)
Been in 4 different states (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho)
Celebrated my son's 6th birthday.
Attended the baptism of a precious friend.
De-junked again.
Lived out of our van and changed clothes in various public restrooms.
Driven 2800+ miles.
Moved into temporary housing while we figure out the (hopeful) building of our new home.
Been blessed and helped by the efforts of an army of people who love us.
Moved 5 children into 1 bedroom together.  no further comment.
Flu shots for the family.
Had kindness and generosity poured out upon us by sweet people.
Said goodbye to amazing neighbors ( we are going through serious withdraw!)
Stored some of our junk in a kind friend's garage (thank you!!!)
Moved out of our home of 4 years in 3 weeks notice.
Cried through sleepless nights
Been uplifted by listening to General Conference
Attended the temple.
Prayed.  A lot.
Took 3 children in for yearly checkups and had shots.
Watched the leaves change color & flutter to the ground.
Bought new shoes for children who suddenly had bare feet because somehow their shoes all got packed into storage.
Packed up my creative space.  I'm still in shock.
Thrown away more junk.  Why did I move this stuff?
Packed school lunches out of my car.
Had a child in the emergency room.
Stayed the weekend in the mountains in between moving out and available temporary housing due to the generosity of kind people.
Attended parent teacher conferences.
Taken birthday treats into school for sweet 6 year old son.
Finished coaching another soccer season.
Played battleship with my children for the first time.
Sobbed in sheer frustration.
Put together a 'super star' poster for a child for school.  Could this asssignment not fall on another month?
Had our hearts aching for our friends who lost their most precious 5 year old daughter.
Talked with our children about life and death and grieving.
Felt a lot of sadness.
Visited Kurt's grandparents grave.
Watch the entire deal on our future home that we have been planning for months fall apart in one fell swoop.  Where to go from here?
Got an oil change in my van.
Enjoyed a birthday celebration breakfast at Uncle Bob and Aunt Fay's house in Idaho Falls.
Trapped 12 mice in the temporary house since we moved in.  no further comment.
Done homework assignments and packed lunches at Grandma and Grandpa's house - they have a printer and paper and pencils and food everything!  It's amazing!
Bid farewell to Kurt's parents the night before they left for a 2 year mission in Jamaica.
Bought deodorant 3 times because I couldn't find it (again)!
Found peace in the scriptures and promised myself to increase my faith.
Hugged my children and looked into their eyes - realizing they are growing at a rapid pace.
Spent a lot of time thinking about WHAT REALLY MATTERS.
Stayed at my sister's house and snuggled up to hear her read stories to the children.
Carried sleeping children into their beds late at night.  More than once.

As I reflect on our life right now and all of these experiences we have had - favorable or not - I feel like I am greatly blessed.  Even when life seems to be storming against us there are others who are suffering so deeply that it throws your trails right back into perspective.  I am so thankful to know that God truly does care about my family and where we end up.  I know he has a plan for us.  I am forever grateful for all those who have come and helped us in so many ways.    Thank you.
I am tired, I am weary, but not worn out.
In the end, we are sailing on, at the time being the course is just a bit unsure.  We are looking ahead and hoping for more sunny skies.



  1. Emily, I love your post. I've been waiting for it and it is encouraging and hopeful. Man, life is such a roller coaster eh?

  2. We are glad you guys survived- sounds like a ton is going on. I love the picture from the book that you posted too. Love you.

  3. hoping sunny skies are heading your way. glad you got to spend some time with uncle bob - ah, i love him! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!

  4. Wow...and what was I crying about last night? Seems so petty and small now. I love you. You amaze me. xo Jen

  5. Um, that's a crapload of stuff in 21 days. You are amazing.

  6. Hoping for many days of sunshine and rainbows in your family's future!

  7. I just want you to know I love you and I know you can do anything . . . becuase you have faith. You are a strong person and you can do hard things !!!! Enough said . . .you are amazing my friend !!!

  8. I want to bring you home and wrap you in a blanket and feed you homemade need a break. The invitation is always open....I mean it. xoxoxo

  9. oh my. I wish I was somewhere remotely close to you...if only to give you a hug. And maybe let you use my sink to brush your teeth in in case you didn't have a sink that morning! Glad those 21 days are over and I'm hoping and praying the next 21 are much much better. Sure love you!!!!

  10. You guys are amazing. I'm sorry it's been so wild, but I'm grateful that your 21 days gave us two chances to see your family. We love you and miss you!