Saturday, December 27, 2008

First ever Blog Post!

The kids are all tucked in bed after a week of fun, plenty of sugar, excitement, gifts from Santa, and not much sleep!

So I take this opportunity of having a bit of time to myself to start a blog and make a greater effort to be connected to family and friends near and far.  

Some time ago I read about the captain of a ship and his journal entries throughout a long voyage.  He would describe the difficulties encountered and obstacles that had been overcome and always ended with,  'This day we sailed on'.  A lot of days that is about all I can say at the end of the day.  To say the past 13 months of my life have been extremely difficult for me is a understatement.  Yet I am here, and each day we have sailed on.  

This Christmas season I have experienced so many emotions yet right now the overriding emotion of it all I would have to say is gratitude.  Gratitude for the angels here on the earth who have shared their love and generosity with me and my family and who have blessed my life.  I will NOT have any difficulty waving goodbye to 2008!  
Today has been a wonderful day, with the baby blessing of my new son Clark and the Baptism of my oldest daughter Madeline.  I have been gathered with family and friends and had a wonderful day.  
And We Sailed On! 


  1. It is great to have everyone in the family have a blog. Now we can keep up with all the things that are happening in everyones lives. Saturday was such a great day. Thanks for the opportunity to play the piano. Thanks for a great week!!

  2. Em, it's been so fun to see you this week. We love you guys so much.