Friday, January 2, 2009

A full day...

Which started with 7:45 am appointments at the dentist office (for the kids). It was all going great until Emma (good thing she is So cute) found a pen on the floor behind a chair (I think) and colored on the wall and a chair before I got to her. This office is BRAND NEW and very posh I might add. So new that they are the first to occupy the entire floor and the furniture and green painted walls were are very new looking until Emma decorated them with black pen. Ack. I guess I need to start carrying Mr. Clean magic erasers with me everywhere I go now. Anyway, Madeline and Savanna both have 2 cavities (which is to be expected as I have the worst teeth and they are my daughters)! And yet there is a silver lining: dental insurance covered everything 100 percent! beautiful. Oh and Madeline, Savanna, and Christian have new 'animal' toothbrushes.

Because all 3 did so well for the dentist AND have been keeping their bedrooms clean all week they each had a friend over for the afternoon which was WONDERFUL, meaning zero altercations, zero injuries, and everyone went home happy. What more can I ask for?

Quote for the day from Emma
"Ah sweet baby" which is made all the more hilarious knowing that she is a petite 20 lb. not yet 2 silly girl who said this upon seeing a toy keyboard within reach at target. SO funny.

And my page for the day:

so we decorated the new dentist office.. . .
and we sailed on!

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