Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's FINALLY snowing in Colorado!

YEA!  I am so happy it is snowing.  I have missed the snow this winter.  Tomorrow will be a wonderful day snuggled up in pajamas and reading books by the fireplace after we get home from church.  What more can I ask for?  

Tonight at dinner Christian was asking if we could have dessert and I said I don't think so and he said "If you change your mind to yes then can we?"  He always makes me smile!  

today's page is 100% digital, created on memory mixer, one of my new favorite things.   I love how quickly I can get a page finished and still use many different elements and express my style in so many different ways.  If you have not heard of Memory Mixer you should check it out: 
www.  I am a fan!!!

Happy snowy night! 


  1. Hi! I LOVE your pages. Holy cow Emily. You have more creative talent in your little finger then I do in my entire body. I love the quotes from your kids and all the pictures. Good luck with this great blog-it is so fun to read about your kiddos and family.

  2. emily! so good to hear from you and to be able to see pics of your family - love the blog. i am a little (A LOT) jealous to see that you are getting snow finally! and i see that your scrapbooking is still as fabulous as ever. what a good idea to do a page a day!

  3. yeah it's freezing here. -9 this morning. I'd rather have the warm that you had when we were there :)