Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sickness sickness go away

Well we are still fighting off sickness at our house.  I really really don't like it when my kids are sick.  Its sad for them, its exhausting for me, and it always lasts too long!
And then top it off my mom fell and broke her elbow (really badly) yesterday!  Some people get all the (bad) luck!  
Ah, but still there are things to make us laugh.  Like Emma running around us in circles during family prayer singing ring around the rosies!  Christian insisting that boys and girls talk differently so that means he is allowed to not pronounce words properly and when I correct him he tells me that he can say it that way "because he is a boy."  Madeline and Savanna are currently thrilled to be learning square dancing in music class, along with learning to sing "She'll be coming round the mountain" and "On top of Spaghetti".  Its quite funny.  Emma is in love with her ponyville ponies and this morning when I heard her usual "hey Mooooooom"call (6:09 am) and asked if she wanted breakfast she said "No, I need to play ponies!"   Clark - well he is cuter than ever but not gaining weight so I guess I better stop saying how much I love it when they are small and wishing they stayed little longer! 

of course I have realized what a joke my goal of doing a scrapbook page every day really is for me during this season of life, yet I have completed MANY in that effort and so far for January I am pleased with my results (wish I could say the same for my weight loss goals!)  

I tried to get some family photos last weekend - yea well next time (if there is a next time) I need to have someone come help me take them because if you are wondering how many children can escape from a photo during a 12 second timer the answer is 4 out of 5!!! And that is why not one photo has all 7 of us really smiling and why Emma is being restrained against her will - so I can document the fact that we have at least a few photos of all 7 of us together.  

This day we sailed on!  


  1. your kids crack me up. that is hilarious.:)

  2. So sorry you guys are sick. Hard times with little ones! I hope you are getting better. You haven't done a page a day, but you have done so many! Love ya!