Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Catching Up

Still life by Madeline

Salt Fish by Savanna

 I think my kids create the coolest art.  Seriously.  I LOVE what they do at school,  I love having them paint and color at home and I love watching them do it.  They have made some really neat pieces that i want to get framed for the house.  yesterday they were painting valentines.  so cute.  
I overheard the FUNNIEST thing tonight!  I asked the kids to do a "5 minute room rescue" of the family room so they could earn dessert.  THey were excited and ran into the room to clean up.  A few minutes into the process I hear Christian exclaim "I can't believe we are actually WORKING, we are AMAZING!"  It was So funny.  I could agree with him on the actually working part - it would not hurt my feelings if there were more of that going on around here! 
Last week we took the kids on a picnic to a park in the valley and there were all these deer right next to the playground.  It was really fun and the kids loved to see them.  Then we stopped at another park where these huge elk were about 20 yards away from the playground - it is always fun to see amazing things like this and to be reminded of the beauties and wonders of this earth!  Emma wanted to go pet them so I promptly picked her up and held her until we left!  


  1. I found your site off of your facebook page...hope that is all right:) I love seeing the pics of your kiddos and reading what you are up to...I'm sure you are UP TO your neck in laundry and diapers:) Along with hugs and kisses that make up for the rest, right? Sure love you, Em. Hope you are happy and doing well. I have a half-written email to you in my outbox that I will get finished by March;0 I hope. But I think of you often and miss our chats. We need to do ichat!

  2. Very cute pictures!! Your kids are getting so big! I hope Emma had a good birthday!