Monday, March 16, 2009

false teeth

It's true.  I'm pretty sure I will have false teeth at some point.  Seriously.  Another root canal today?  yep!  Well it was one tooth but 4 canals in it.  O-U-C-H!  The endodontist??  was great and it was better than the alternative of cutting through the gums (more ouch!) but seriously i can now count on my fingers how many teeth I have that do NOT have huge fillings or root canals.  My cute kids are worth it [ at least today :) ]
Just wanted to warn you all.  I will be the granny who takes her teeth out at night! 

Emma said to me today 'come on old timer' !!! She is classic.   Don't worry Emma my teeth are feeling it too!


  1. Don't worry I'll be right there with you to talk about our denture problems :) Emma is hilarious.
    Hope you heal up soon- the store looks awesome- I will post picks whenever I get enough time... love you :)

  2. Emily, your blog looks great! I love all your scrapbook pages and the hilarious things your kids say!

  3. Your blog is fantastic. Love the pics and layouts..

  4. Come visit Stanton! Oh, except he only does kids~ I love love love the old timer comment!!!! Hilarious!!!!!!!