Friday, May 1, 2009

2319, 2319 We HAVE A 2319!!!

So you've seen Monsters Inc, right?
The CDA (Child Detection Agency) swoops in whenever there is a "2319" call to de-toxify any monster who may have made contact with a child or gotten some disease from a human sock!  (We LOVe that movie, its SO funny! :)  
So the other day I am unloading groceries (and by the way this proves that I have ADD) which for me means I bring in a few bags from the van and then I put a few things away and then I stop off in the laundry room and put the clothes in the dryer and then I bring in a few more bags.  So anyway, I was in the kitchen and the kids had gotten out of the van and headed
 straight out to the front and back yard to play in the beautiful weather (which promptly ended today) when from the garage Christian yells "2319, 2319 We HAVE A 2319!  Emma is in the van getting into things!"  SOOOO funny!  Sure enough, she had climbed back in and up to the front seat where she was gracefully dumping the contents of my on the go first aid kit (because kids need bandaids for EVERYTHING) and helping herself to other various items in my purse.  So we have all decided that it's a good idea to call a "2319" loudly anytime you discover Emma in destruction mode (which seems to be frequently).  So this past week's 2319 was when she
 stripped down (she hates wearing a diaper and continues to take them off all the time yet does not want to use the toilet?) and she had painted on herself with a fair amount of toothpaste.  Perfect.  

I am way behind (which is something I am perfect at, being behind;  so don't you EVER tell me you can't attain perfection in at least SOME areas) so I have a bunch of posts to try to do this weekend.  I love this blog because it has become a sort of journal for me where I am recording some things that have not made it into the scrapbook or journal so i love that it's written somewhere!  And if you get some smiles out of it along the way, even better!  
Still sailing, even if it is through toothpaste! ha!

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  1. That is so funny!!! I love blogging for that reason too. In fact I have printed off many and stuck them in my journal. Love you so much :)