Sunday, August 2, 2009

THe Trip.... FInally!

Well there is really no way to fully describe all that we experienced on our three week long road trip.

  We went from home in Colorado to Spanish Fork, where we stayed with Kevin and Leigha.  It was so fun to play the Wii, run around in their huge yard, and watch movies with them.  I got to see Rachelle at the park with her kids too and that was a blast!   Next stop was Jen & Eric's  house for a night in American Fork.  From there we stopped at the new temple open house on our way up to Logan to see Kristen and Jake.  We stayed there for 2 days and had a chance to see their jewelry store  SHINE!  It was great.  Then we went to Idaho Falls where we stayed with Aunt Fay and Uncle Bob and saw Aunt Laurie, Uncle Dennis and Aunt Nan and Uncle Phil too.  We got to go to the zoo with Annalyn and Luke and that was awesome


From Idaho we trekked up to Spokane where we got to see Matt and Kate's place for the first time.  It is beautiful.  We went to an awesome children's museum and then headed up to Sandpoint, ID for a weekend on the lake.  It exceeded my expectations, if that was possible!  Everything Matt has every said about how wonderful it was to be there is 100% true!  We loved it and want to go back.  

After that, back to Idaho Falls, back to UT.  This time in Utah we got to see the Weeks, and the  
Thurmans.  We made sure to have as many snow cones as possible (I think its a CRIME that they are not available in Colorado!)  It was a treat to see Rosalene and to meet Zibby  (WHY did we not take a photo?)  and our friends the Merrills - how fun to see you all again !  If we didn't see you well, we wanted to and hope we can next time!!!

So here are some of my favorite of the 2000 photos I took.  THere are so many more I wish I would have taken.... Me with Aunt Fay, Aunt Laurie, me with all the kids.....  me with Julie.....ME with Kathie .....  me with my sisters and brothers..... the kids with their Auntie's..... but some memories from this trip must be recorded in my heart and feelings rather than in photos.  And they will be.  I will always be so happy I did it.  

I give up on trying to get the photos posted in order.  You can figure it out I am sure!   Whoever is in charge at blogger that can't write this thing so that your photo will post where you leave your curser when you upload... can I just say that BUGS ME!!!!
ok.  i"m done.  


  1. Blogger ate my comment. Rrrrrr.....

    Anyway, I loved this post. Your trip sounded just wonderful. I'm so glad!

    I'm also really sorry we didn't get to see one another this time around. I hope it can happen the next time.

    Oh, and you're just beautiful. Do you know that?

  2. Wow, I didn't know you guys went to Washington too. That's quite the trip. We are so happy that you stopped here and that we were able to see you guys. We loved it.