Sunday, October 25, 2009

My baby

WOW! Is he really going to turn one in a few weeks? I can't believe it! C has to be the most amazing 15 pounder I know!!! Yesterday he just army crawled over to the top of the stairs, turned around and went down backwards. No falls. I have NEVER taken any time to show him how to do this or helped him do it. He just did it. I was shocked. Then on the landing he turned around and came back up. He was so proud of himself and loved the attention it drew from all of us at the top of the stairs cheering him on. I hope he remembers this and we can skip that falling down the stairs thing all the way around.

HE also currently loves to climb out of his high chair and since he is still so small he can wiggle right out of pretty much anything, including ONE side of where his feet go in a shopping cart (as I learned at ace hardware yesterday, good thing I caught him before he was all the way through!) I turned for a moment to sign the keypad and there you go, he was almost on his way to the floor! Silly boy. He is also standing up and walking around the edges of the couch, chair, chest, you name it. My favorite new trick of his is the cute 'ma ma ma ma' that he says! And a close second is he will start this growling thing (usually with Christian but I play along too) and then Christian will growl back and they do it back and forth for several minutes. It is quite funny. A few nights ago he started giving kisses too -- the slobbery kind and only if he is in the mood! It is great to actually see some meat on his bones and some chubbiness in his cheeks and legs for the first time ever. It almost seems like he has been with us for more than a year because I feel like we have been through so much with him - did that really all just happen in the past 12 months? wow. I sure love him and I'm glad he is doing so much better!

On a side note, some things that I do NOT particularly enjoy:

- going to take a drink of my newly mixed cup of mint hot cocoa with whip cream on top (yes, my very healthy breakfast today) only to find that two partially eaten, chewed on grapes have been dropped into it. awesome. At least it lowered my calorie intake, right?

- My husband having surgery this past week and being quite grouchy. I don't like either part.

- My daughter having chicken pox for the THIRD time (and yes, she has been vaccinated TWICE too) and being home from school telling me all about how its not fair and she should not be having this happen and its hard to be 8 years old and ..... not sure how many more days I can listen to that so lets hope those spots disappear tonight!

- My children fighting with each other. Does that really happen at your house too? Because right now it seems like it's just us.

- Never getting enough done. Always being a day behind and an hour too late!

And to balance things out... More blessings:

- Finally getting on some good meds this past week (6 to be exact) so hopefully my cough will be gone by thanksgiving and I will be sleeping and breathing great at night again!

- So far so good. No plans of re-surgery for my baby yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.

- Snow. Cold, wet, and beautiful. I love it.

- A pair of jeans that fit, are comfortable and I actually feel like I look OK in them.

- A new niece. And another one coming in November. More babies, I love it!

Well time to sail on and sign out. I feel better anyway.


  1. Yes, my kids really, really, REALLY fight. A lot. But then they're cute for a minute and all is forgiven.

    Chicken pox 3 times? Can you believe I've never had them? I hope she gets better soon. That's really sucky.

    Hope Kurt is okay. And less grumpy.

    Jeans that fit = awesome. And that you look good in = a gift from heaven.

    Love you.

  2. Yeah for Christian! Bummer for Kurt and Maddie. I love reading your updates. Love ya!

  3. We can't wait to see how Clark has grown!

  4. Good to hear how Clark has grown. Sorry to hear about Kurt and the chicken pox. How is that possible? Poor girl.

    Love keeping up with you guys!