Saturday, October 10, 2009

Trying to dig out.... still drowning.

So I got my computer back today.  HA!  2 months, no computer.  Could be a good thing.  Except for all the emails I missed from friends and family and school teachers and the stress from not hitting some deadlines for work and stuff like that.  right, so you actually DO need a computer.
Another new hard drive for me.  And I am hoping for a NEw new computer from Santa.... but I am pretty sure I have not been 100% nice this year so we will see. 

I am trying really hard to dig out from the huge tornado called my life that I am currently drowning in.  So much to do.  I never get enough done.  Kurt is helping like crazy and working hard and I feel like I hardly rest but we still never get enough done!  I feel like a complete train wreck right now and I am trying so hard to pull it together.  I need someone to lock me in my house for a year or two so I can get caught up.  seriously. 

Maybe sometime soon I can post some photos of the kiddos.  They are so happy in school and Emma is missing them at home.  She keeps herself busy by destroying things and making messes.  And changing clothing every 20 minutes. No joke.  It is CRAZY making.   THe final soccer games are next week and that has been really fun.  The school musical performance "broadway review" practices are in full swing and Madeline is thrilled to be singing and dancing to something from High School Musical.  Savanna and Christian are doing something Disney, not sure what.  Maybe now that I am back online I can look up the songs on the music teachers website and have the kids practice like I am supposed to ha!

Clark is cute as ever and hanging right in there fighting for weight gain and happiness! 
It is SO COLD here and we are staying inside and drinking a lot of hot cocoa for breakfast.  
We have 3 new cousins, (nieces and nephew to me) Tal, Sonora and Alexis.  Can't wait to meet them.  we will have another niece this week.  Baby happy! 
signing off, hoping this thing keeps working!


  1. Em, I think you totally rock. When Emilee got that blanket for you we discussed how awesome you are. The blanket is adorable and the fact that you had/made time to make it is so great. I usually feel the same way that you are, feeling like there is so much to do and not nearly enough time to do it. And I only have 2 kids. I just wanted to let you know that I think you are great and that you are doing great. Hang in there.

  2. I meant the blanket from you, not for you. Sorry.

  3. glad you got your computer back and running. Can't wait to see you guys over Thanksgiving. :)

  4. How did you live for so long with no computer! I think you are amazing Emily. I wish I was closer. I would come and take your kiddos for a few days. There is never enough time is there?

  5. Emily, I feel my life is that way and I don't have any kiddos!! I admire you and everything you do. Please let me know how I can help, I'd be happy to bring dinner or take the kiddos for an afternoon.

  6. Hey Em,
    You're awesome! I totally hear you on needing some serious time to "dig out" as you put it. Wish we could lock ourselves in together and help each other. I'm sure you could do wonders to my ocean of work over here, too. I've been missing you. Love, Jen