Thursday, January 7, 2010

Emma : making me smile one silly moment at at time!

Is it cold where you are? Because it has been SO cold here in Colorado. As in so cold that the school can't allow the kids to leave the building until they see their parents' car. Ask me how long this makes carpool? never mind, lets not talk about that because there are no words ....

Today I had the great pleasure of re-connecting with a college roommate. It was delightful. I am so thankful to know Michelle and to have had the opportunity to see her! Thanks for sharing your visit with your sister with me too Michelle!
Michelle was so kind to give me this very cute little crayon bundle for my kids too! I love it!

Emma, Clark and I were out together today. Emma made me smile so many times and I need to write this down so I do not forget! Emma has a cute little friend named Emmerson. They were born within weeks of each other and are 2 peas in a pod. They love to play together and are very entertaining.

So today while driving in the car Emma proceeded to tell me that the other day while playing at Emmerson's house she was sad because "Emmerson thinks that she is called CINDERELLA but I just know that it is CINDERELL-EE"! I was busting up! You know, the mice DO call her Cinderellee and they do sing the song about Cinderellee so I may have to side with Emma on this one. So funny. Later I went to the dollar store in search of a single item that I could not find that i heard they had ( I should have known, I do not like that place!) However, Emma reasoned, why leave empty handed? She found a princess (with CINDERELLEE on it) tamborine so I gave in and bought it for her, along with a bag of chocolate covered peanuts to keep her happy on my next stop. As we walk into my next stop (Secondhand store) She says "Mom, do you think BY CHANCE they might have some scissors here?" You see, she needed to open that tamborine asap and make some noise with it! I just thought the BY CHANCE part was so funny - ! After completing these stops as we are driving home she sighs very loudly and says, "Mom, its REALLY cold. (another adult sounding sigh). Yup. REALLY REALLY cold."
Silly girl. She makes me smile!

I realized today while walking with Emma that I usually walk in front of the kids, constantly asking them to catch up to me. As I looked over my shoulder at Emma on the sidewalk behind me today, I realized that I have it all wrong. So I let her pass me and I walked a little behind and to the side of her and slowed my pace. I got to watch her walk cutely down the sidewalk and I also noticed some of my surroundings that I usually do not see because I am focused on one thing: my destination. Perhaps having Emma be in a hurry for no one and on only her own time schedule is a blessing for me. It was today.


  1. My girls were convinced she was Cinderellee at that age, too! Emma wins!

    She is so cute and seems just perfect.

  2. Wow - when I heard Emma walks slowly I almost couldn't believe it. After last summer at the farmers market I thought she ran wherever she went.

  3. Oh she runs plenty. She runs when I want to stop and look and she moseys along when I am trying to get errands done quickly! Its all on her own time!

  4. how fun to see michelle! love the pictures. emma is super cute.