Thursday, January 21, 2010

Must. Always. Remember.

Driving in the car today Clark discovered all of the joyful sounds he can make while spitting and moving his lips around.  Emma and I were giggling listening to all of this.

Emma:  Mom, Cluckie is being silly.
Mom:  Yes, he sure is.  Clark, you are a crack-up!
Emma:  Clark you are a chicken nugget.
Mom:  A Chicken Nugget?
Emma:  Yes, a chicken nugget and I am gonna EAT HIM UP!

when I repeated this to the older kids at the dinner table Savanna nearly had her drink spraying out her nose.  We are still laughing about it.  I find this especially funny since never in my life have I purchased chicken nuggets to have at home and the last time we had some at Chick-Fil-A (in my opinion this is the only safe place to eat a chicken nugget!) was MONTHS ago.  What makes Clark a chicken nugget?


  1. Darling!!!

    BUT -- we eat McDonald's chicken nuggets frequently (once or twice a month), I must admit.

    That's a keeper, for sure!

  2. I made Jake read this because it was so funny!! It makes it even funnier if you picture her saying Clarkie as Cluckie, like you wrote :)