Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have a sickness.
And I think it's getting worse.
By the day.
The sickness is called :
Continuous Projecting

I finish one, I start three more.  I move the unfinished stack to the side to begin that silly thing I dreamt about last night.  It is really, really sick. 
And you know what?  I'm not even ready to do anything about it.  I don't even want to.   Right now this is one of the few things in my life that is filling me up, keeping me going, and makes me smile.  So is it really that bad when it does that for you?  I guess I'll never know the other side.  
Recent projects include: 
pillow covers
windown coverings
little birds
refinishing furniture (the garage is so full of dressers I have picked up Kurt has to park in the driveway!)
photo corner magnets
sewing my first 3 quilts (yes, they are all in progress AT THE SAME TIME)
decorated jars
Every time we have friends over or my visiting teacher comes and sees what I've been doing (because of course its out on the dining room table)  they say things like "what are you doing now?"  and I can picture perfectly what all of their husbands must say -"Wow, I'm SO glad you don't have all THAT STUFF and that you don't do so many things."  
It really is a sickness.  And I'm embracing it. 


  1. I hope it is contageous! Your creativity is amazing! Sadly, I have slowed down with my projects ... of better said, I have slowed down.

  2. I think it's wonderful! At least you start the projects! I usually buy the stuff and then never do them :)

  3. I want that sickness. I feel like I've been in a serious creative slump.

    I'd love to see your many finished projects (and your works in progress!!!).