Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Emma is three!

The 2 day long celebration has now come to an end.  As Emma so energetically told Grandma and Grandpa Sheffield on the phone last night when they said I hope you have had a good birthday she said "NO, I'm still HAVING my birthday."  And party she did until she fell asleep on my lap reading stories at 9pm!
We began celebrating monday night for family night - Emma wanted 'everything pink' this year.  So she had a pink cake with pink frosting and strawberries on it.  All her idea.
In keeping with tradition, birthday morning she had breakfast in bed.   Pink pancakes,
eggs, yogurt and granola.

Aunt Sue came over to visit and brought Emma a beautiful vintage baby doll that has already become a favorite.  Then we were on our way to Chick-Fil-A for birthday lunch!
Upon leaving Christian saw this antique store we have been to before and really, really wanted to go see the statues.  I figured it was as good a place as any to TRY to get a photo shoot of Emma now that she is 3.  She, however had other things in mind.  Namely finding icicles and turning her back to me when the lighting was just right! 


Throughout the afternoon we opened more gifts, played and colored and pushed around baby dolls.  

I did not get the big girl bed in the garage painted for her like I wanted.  And this week it is just too cold for the paint to dry so hopefully that can be a very belated gift in the next week or two.  She did love her new strawberry shortcake play slide, new dress for her Bitty Baby, and Thumbelina from Savanna.  Savanna is always the best at picking out gifts, she knows exactly what people will love.

Emma, at three is: 
constantly on the move
travels at lightning speed when escaping her mother
refuses lotion of any kind and wipes it off when I sneak it on
loves to read books, play with ponies, strawberry shortcake, or baby dolls, or in her playmobil castle
loves anything pink
looks way too cute in hats
loves yogurt, strawberries, chocolate, jelly beans, pizza, spinach salad, oatmeal and fruit snacks
wears dresses pretty much every day, and if they are all dirty she will choose a nightgown over pants (thinking this is completely reasonable)
Emma is witty, fun, wild, so sweet to share and make others happy, and we love her so! 


  1. She really, truly, couldn't be one bit cuter.

  2. looks like fun! and the cake looks so yummy- good job.

  3. Happy Birthday Emma! What a cutie! Next year it will be Birthweek .. then it will be Birthmonth! Yummy cake!

  4. Sounds like you pulled off a great birthday, Em! She really is a cutie.

  5. Sweet Emma! Happy 3 years! I love the picture with the icicle.

  6. so cute! happy birthday emma! i wish she knew how much her new "haircut" makes me smile. life is great. :)