Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little things

The past week has been full of a lot of stressful things and a lot of little things that are wonderful.  I found that taking the time to enjoy the little things made me much happier over all.  It always helps when I have a few mostly productive days as well, which I feel like I did.  That makes me happy.  And a clean house makes me happy.  How long that clean house lasted after all my work yesterday morning, well... that doesn't make me so happy.  But we had a lot of fun with little things!
What sort of little things are happening at your house? 

Savanna and Madeline made a batch of cupcakes and a cake (box mixes) ALL ON THEIR OWN yesterday.  It was their idea and they did a spectacular job.  I was not even around.  I was out in the garage working.  And then, while doing their dishes to cleanup the big mess :)  Savanna found a way to make her own huge bubbles.  

Clark enjoyed his 'first' day wandering around outside yesterday.  This is the first time it has been very warm since he learned to walk so while I was working outside for a few hours he wandered around, and then later climbed onto this dolly and LOVED having rides on it.  It's funny how kids figure things like this out.  The dolly was just sitting there and he went over and positioned himself and sat down on it perfectly.  

I got an unexpected, inexpensive hair cut.  AND I really like it!  Funny story.  I went to Relief Society on thursday night - it was about trend and style.  They had some makeup people and hair people there and talked about upcoming trends and colors and all of that.  It was really fun.  The hair lady had already secured two people to get their hair cut while all this was going on and she did such a great job and I needed a hair cut so bad and here I was out, with a little cash in my wallet (which rarely happens) so I asked her can I just pay you to cut my hair right now?  She was finished with her part and the makeup end of it was happening.  Sure!  So I sat down there in the relief society room and she cut my hair.  And I LOVE it.  And she charges $25.  WHAT?  yea.  $25.  Usually it takes me a week or so to like my hair after I get a cut but I have honestly loved it since the minute she finished.  It feels lighter and more healthy and I like to think I am just a tad bit 'in style' now.  ha!

Emma invited me to her tea party.  She also did some work on my foot for me (she said I needed some shots) and when Clark woke up she invited him too.  It was time well spent.  I was giggling we were having such a great time together.  I love times like that. 

By the time I had gotten my camera the two of them were being so cute and fun that I got some closer up photos I have been wanting to take for a long time.  

Yesterday the sun came out and it was acutally warm enough for me to get a few things painted.  YEA!  On tuesday I will be placing some furniture for sale in a store in Castle Rock so I have a deadline and I was so happy to have the weather cooperate just a bit.  

I went to the temple.  This always calms me.  I finally got the MRI done on my back that I have been needing so I can get started with some therapy (or something!) again.  That's good.  Preschool was at my house and we had fun, parent teacher conferences are now behind us and I made it to the scare the parents so they will send more money in to the school and we prefer cold hard cash in large amounts thank you very much school budget meeting.  Whew.  Now, for the week ahead. . .


  1. and this post is driving me crazy and I can't figure out why text is showing up in different places so blah! I'm done!

  2. Beautiful kids. Beautiful pictures. Journaling caught the moment. YOU have been busy!!! I want to see the haircut! Can't wait to see what you do to the furniture!

  3. hello! i need to see your hair cut too! love this post, love warmer days, love that you are painting that furniture, love, love LOVE! you do a great job of capturing real life on your blog. LOVE it. miss you!

  4. That was an awesome post!!! Great pictures and stories. It would be great if you could make a trip out here soon!!! Where are the haircut pictures? Oh and, I like the furniture pics. I want to see what they are like after all has been painted and stuff. We made a trip to DI and got a cheap end table for painting. Not that we have room for it or anything.

  5. Post some before and afters of your furniture, I would love to see how it turns out. I want to see your hair too! I adore the pictures of your sweet children. Sav behind that bubble is my fav! XOXOX

  6. GREAT post... little things rock!

    I especially love the image of the plate w/ the peanut butter pretzel!

    Carissa - memory mixer