Thursday, February 4, 2010

wednesday 5:30 am

Emma walks into my bedroom.
Emma:   Mooom, Christian is BOTHERING me.
Mom:  Emma, Christian is sound asleep honey.
Emma:  Mom, his SLEEPING is bothering me.
Mom:  Well, let's go have breakfast!
Emma:  Ok.  Yogurt and Granola.

HA hA!  Silly girl.  They do share a bedroom (painted half red, half pink - silly huh?) but come on, his sleeping is BOTHERING you!  I even checked--  He was NOT snoring!

Later on yesterday, we went on a walk to the mailbox.

 Emma was sucking on a cough drop which, of course, fell perfectly from her mouth right into this crack in the sidewalk and into the mud.  (not sure why I managed to take this photo very out of focus sorry)

And this is how she felt about that.
oh that I could be so cute when making a sad face and with a bad hair cut! 

And lastly, I just wanted to share how beautifully Savanna decorated the front door this week:

perfect, don't you think! 


  1. OH, she is so cute! Love the owl. Jen

  2. It's a good life!

    I am impressed with how kind you were to her at 5:30 am. I'm never that nice that early!

  3. Tell Sav I love her front door decor! Emma is a sweety, I am sorry she wakes up so early.