Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Funnies

We spent most of the day saturday across town waiting for some belt or pulley to get fixed on my favorite van.  This means a few great things happened.
1.  I was close to a huge goodwill store and it was HALF OFF day!  My favorite.  I got a huge bag of vintage ribbons, two very old and very cool desks, and 2 ladder back chairs.  I also got a great mirror, a stoneware casserole dish with a metal rack to put it in on the table, an oak picture frame, and a brand new pair of gap flats with bling on them for Savanna.  All of this for $50.  I was thrilled.

2.  A new Cafe Rio opened up just down the street.  And so after Goodwill we went there for lunch.  And guess what?  It was FREE ENTREE day.  Yes, my entire family out to lunch with everyone getting their own entree AND drink for $8.52  I'm talking 7 entrees and 6 drinks.  That has NEVER happened.  I can't even do Chick-Fil-A for under $10 ever!  It was a beautiful thing.  And good thing because we spent plenty of money at Midas.

Some other funny things:
Emma has been looking at the globe at lot lately for some reason.  Today she brought it over to me and said "look, here is Colorado"   (and she was right, I guess Maddie showed her where we live.  And this is a small globe so Colorado is about the size of a pinhead.)  She proceeded:  "Now mom, you show me where Chick-Fil-A is on here".  ha!

Also Emma:
Mom, what is that song playing on the ICE pod, I love it!
Does Dad work at JUps?
Is it still my birkday?  ( she has been asking this multiple times daily since Feb 9th)
I just love dotty.  I have my dotty stroller, and I love dotty.  (Apparently she shares my passion for polka dots.  how charming!)

Christian: Sav, I really need to borrow your boots because I can't find mine.  (Which means they are in the laundry room rather than the hall closet and that's just too far to walk).
Savvie:  Well, aren't they too big for you?
Christian:  Yea, but they still really fit me.

Also I stopped in at My little store last night and worked a few hours at the shop.  I was so happy to see that I have some items that seem to be selling well and I am excited for the future!  I am now selling pillow covers and bookmarks and more furniture.  So fun for me!
Today while dropping Madeline off for a birthday party at Skate City I discovered a new quilt shop too.  Dangerous.  I fell in love with another fabric line (just what I need) and had fun walking around.  Skate City is another story altogether.  I remember going to a birthday party there when I was about 6.  I remember they served us pizza, chips ahoy cookies and coke.  No kidding.  I drank it up and asked for more and more.   I had no idea what I was drinking.  Then as I was leaving I asked a friend what was that delicous drink and she told me:  coke.  I was mortified.  I had completely enjoyed a caffienated soda.  I was dreading going home and telling my parents.  I think I carried that guilt around with me for MONTHS.  I had consumed caffiene.  It was a horrible thing.  Anyway, back to skate city.  It scares me.  It has been around WAY too long and there are way too many adults who hang out there and rollerskate and jam to 80's music.  It's just not the crowd I usually look to hang with, you know?  It shocks me that people STILL actually book birthday parties there.  And you know what?  For birthday parties they still serve the same pizza and soda!  No chips ahoy any more.  Too funny.  I am just so old fashioned about great birthday parties at home.  With fewer people and a fun project.  I guess I'm crazy because by the time I am done it usually cost me about the same as it would to go to a party center but it just FEELS different to me.
Ok.  enough of my ramblings.
 Madeline brought home some balloons from her party and it ws so cute to see Clark having so much fun with them.  
Our neighbor friend, Jordan, is having a birthday tomorrow.  Emma decided to make her a gift.  She rolled out some play dough, stamped it into a shark shape, put it in a ziplock and then wrapped it with masking tape.  She is so proud to present this gift!  She spent a good hour on the assembling of it and even added wrapping paper and staples on top after I took this photo.  She is something else! 

This weekend has been one of cold temperatures, snow, icy roads and goosbumps!  Savanna and Christian didn't waste any time getting out to play in it!  

I hope you are warm and cozy at home with your family!  We are off to stake conference!  


  1. Score! I love it when there are great deals ... you topped them all!

    Your kids are so cute! I love the cute little moments you share.

    I agree, parties at home are best. In fact, all we do are family parties. The kids get $50 to plan their own "friend party", but they end up keeping the money. I don't mind that! I'm still struggling with decorating cakes ;o) - not a skill of mine.

  2. As far as I'm concerned it can't get much better than 1/2 price at Goodwill and free Cafe Rio. I guess maybe not having a broken down car would make it better but still a good day.

  3. fun post! 3 cheers for the bargain day of the century! I miss Cafe Rio. Your kids are adorable as usual.

  4. Oh, I love your blog! I'm so impressed with how well you keep it up! The photos and anecdotes are priceless. You have such beautiful children. You are awesome!!

  5. I'm pretty sure I am going to be jealous of your Cafe Rio steal for the rest of the week. LUCKY!!!

  6. WOOHOO for a WONDERFUL bargain day with free Cafe Rio thrown in!! Congrats also on your successful sales!!