Friday, March 19, 2010


It has been great to spend this week at home recovering our life from my absence.  I am now runnnig about 7 years behind as opposed to the 3 I am usually on.   Clark is getting better (and happier) each day and we love him home with us!  This week he has started to do this really cheesy smile when anyone says smile!  It is very cute but I have failed to get a photograph of it thus far.  The gash on his forehead is healing up pretty well, all things considered.   Did you know they now make mederma WITH sunscreen in it?  Brilliant.
A few other highlights:
Christian lost his first tooth!  This tooth has been needing to come out for a week or more, however, it being his first tooth he was afraid of how it might hurt to have it pulled on so we waited.  Also you become somewhat of a rockstar at school if the tooth comes out during the school day so I think he may have been waiting for that as well.  Emma solved everything for us!  She did a somersault across the family room floor, her foot flew up and gently past Chrisitan's open mouth and just like magic - there is Christian's tooth sitting on the coffee table!  Amazing.  No tears, just laughs!  Reminds me of when my niece Emmeline was on the sideline of a soccer game and the ball flew out of bounds and knocked her loose tooth out into her hand!

Savanna finished her westward expansion unit at school and had a very fun western day yesterday.  Just in time too, as today the snow is coming down in buckets whereas yesterday it was 50 degrees and sunny!

I was impressed with how well the children wrote with feathers and ink.  They were able to 'pan for gold' and then spend their gold pebbles at the trading post for harmonicas, juice and beef jerky.  Emma came with me to the school and played on the "big park" and begged for some "beef turkey" too!  No matter what anyone says, she INSISTS it is beef turkey.

Emma was invited to go to Chuckee Cheese for her friend Emmerson's birthday party.  She came home with awesome strawberry glasses which have made her supremely happy.
Madeline is thrilled to have spring break next week!  She is excited to read as much as she wants and play with friends.  We are hoping for a trip to the zoo and other fun things, obviously depending on Clark's health.   Another recent highlight was having her dad come along on her trip to Buckley Airforce base.

I finsihed up a few projects that were begging for my attention.  I got some furniture down to Suprise Me in Castle Rock to sell and I finished up some chairs I refinished for a friend of a friend.  She loved them and I'm so glad.   Its a fun little side business for me.  I liked the color so much I painted it on my kitchen table.  Emma was so excited she said she needed to try out the table by sitting ON it!  Kurt and I have now officially completed all of our required volunteer hours at the kids school so anything from here on out is just nice of us!  :)  It feels good to be in that place rather than trying to do a lot at the end like last year!  Kurt helped tons by going on 3 field trips in the past month as a chaperone.

Another big improvement this week:  I actually cooked dinner for my family at least 3 times.  A step in the right direction.


  1. Ok, so how DO YOU DO IT? You're amazing! Your kids are so adorable, I laughed at Christian's tooth story. Eric just commented on how much your younger ones look like your older ones a few years ago... crazy how fast they grow! xo Jen

  2. phew! i get tired just reading your updates! i love the furniture you refinished. LOVE. and emma's strawberry glasses? so fabulous. she makes me laugh. the western day at school takes me back to my days in elementary. so fun! glad to see everyone is well!

  3. Glad you are all getting back into the swing of things.

    Love the furniture ... you talented lady you!

    What is it with kids and loose teeth? My kids are the same way with the fear of pulling a loose tooth... until our ortho told us to yank the TOP teeth as soon as they become loose - helps with the upper adult teeth to come in with less issues (which we tend to have in our family!) - ask Jenna about her top tooth that she almost swallowed thanks to her best friend in IL.