Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yes.  It really is a word.  And you could make up a word too.  Just read Frindle.
There are many reasons for us to sing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious at our house!

-Clark is home!!!  We still have a good week or two of recovery, yet feel so blessed to be able to do it at home from here on out.  Can you see how glad Kurt was to leave the hospital?

I'm so glad we are done with this

And this

The night this sheet 
showed up taped to the crib is when I was the most worried.  I mean a paper filled out with all the dosages of what meds your child can have if their heart stops beating and they stop breathing is a bit of a jolt to the system.  Clark has been so patient and sweet with all the continuous poking and prodding and testing and beeping and monitoring and you get the idea.  Not to mention that each nurse wants a high five and wave and they think they should get one from him because he is so cute.  In my opion you have the EARN them.
I have so many thanks due to many people who helped us get through this week.  My Mom and Dad came over at 3am to stay with the kids and get them off to school so Kurt could go back to work.  Such a huge sacrifice, thank you so much.  All of the meals and help watching children and giving them rides all over, I am so grateful to you all!

-Madeline and Savanna and I went to see MARY POPPINS!  The girls received these tickets as gifts months ago and we have been anxiously anticipating the event.  We went with some of our great friends, The Olsens, and first had dinner at Maggiannos.  Then we headed downtown, all dressed up and bounced in our chairs loudly chattering until the lights dimmed and the music began!  The show was spectacular, my favorite being Step in Time, when all the chimney sweeps were in tap shoes and Bert tapped UP the side of the stage, across the TOP of stage, upside down, and back DOWN the other side.  I believe this was Savanna's favortie part as well, and Madeline was in love with Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  It was such a great first show for them to see.  It took a lot of co-ordination with Clark in the hospital but I am so glad we did it.  And thanks to Aunt Sue for staying with Christian and Emma at home on such a late night.  We could not have done it without her!

-Yesterday afternoon Kurt went to the park with Madeline, Savanna, Christian and Emma and they flew kites.  This seemed so fitting after seeing Mary Poppins this week, and also made my heart light and cheery after the past 8 days we have had.  What a sweet dad to go fly kites with his children when he has a million things to catch up on.  I love that.

This week we will be working on putting our family life back together.  It is glaringly evident that all of us are exhausted, a bit short tempered, and relieved to have Clark home.   This week I will be making baby steps and promise to myself I will give my first baby steps report since January 1.

"Can we make our homes more beautiful?  Yes, through addressing ourselves as families to the source of all true beauty.  Can we strengthen our society and make it a better place in which to live?  Yes, by strengthening the virtue of our family life through kneeling together and supplicating the Almighty in the name of His Beloved Son.  This simple practice, a return to family worship, spreading across the land and over the earth, would in a generation largely lift the blight this is destroying us, and it would restore integrity, mutual respect, and a spirit of thankfulness in the hearts of the people."
      -President Gordon B. Hinckley

keep sailing with me!  Is there another option?  :)


  1. We are so glad to hear that Clark is home. That is such a great quote, thanks for sharing. We love you guys.

  2. We are so grateful that Clark is home.

    What a sweet moment to share with Kurt flying kites with the kids ... what a great Dad! And you ... you are an amazing Mom.

    I love sailing with you.

  3. I love you Em. And your family. I am glad you are my family. Here's to sailing a long ol time together. We are so grateful Clark is home!!!!!

  4. One of my very favorite words and just two days ago I was thinking to myself, "I really want to learn that word backwards like Julie Andrews." Maybe a New Year's Resolution for 2011?? :)

    So glad Clark is home. Home recovery is so much better than hospital recovery.

    Also, you look really, really pretty in that picture with your girls. Really. Pretty.

  5. Yeah for Clark! I love that you saw Mary Poppins. I've seen my share of Broadway shows and Mary Poppins was my favorite so far. I absolutely LOVED the steppin' time dance. I'm getting excited all over again. What a perfect girls night. Love you guys.

  6. so glad you had so many good things after many hard days! loving the baby steps. :)

  7. Em, I love your blog. Its so great to be able to get updates on you all. I love hearing about everything and seeing those great pictures. Christa and I were both oohing and ahhing over that dresser you did. Its amazing. We are glad everything is getting better a little bit over there and we love you all.