Sunday, May 2, 2010

How many...?

near- emergency room visits does it take for Cluckie before the boy can catch a break?  

this week:  4 so far. 

Also, did you know that mini loaf pans make awesome animal transporters when you are moving new animals into the zoo?  They do, really. 

Does your house ever look like this?  

 And even though you know if you really buckled down for a few hours you could whip it into shape it seems unsurmountable and you want to hide for a while? 

I'm off to find a helmet for C man. 


  1. Poor Clark! 4 visits????? I also get so discouraged about the state of my house. Besides the mess, minimal I must say, your house looks great - colors, furniture, etc. xo

  2. Um... my house looks like or worse that pretty much 99% of the time.

  3. At least Clark still looks happy with the big old goose egg on his forehead. Poor little guy (and poor Mom).

  4. He's trying to grow up too fast! I love the zoo animal transporters!

  5. oh, clark! i hope the helmet is good to him. :) and to answer your question: yes, my house does look like that. usually worse.