Monday, June 21, 2010

tHe HOkEy PoKeY

I have never seen the Hokey Pokey danced this way before.  
The girls danced to a souped up version of the hokey pokey for their hip hop dance recital.  It was very fun, they were cute and did a fantastic job.  Grandma came to see and Emma made it through the recital by telling us which of the costumes she liked the best.  In my opion, the small and usually clueless ballerinas are by far the cutest.  

I am so proud of the girls for practicing so much, being part of a dance with so many steps and different parts to remember, and for dancing with their whole hearts!  I have many fond memories of dancing as a girl and I love the opportunity it gave me to feel confident in myself and know that I could try new things.  I can only hope this provides the same feelings for my daughters now.  

Chrisitan has some pretty sweet dance moves too.  He deserves credit. 

Thanks Grandma for coming!  We love you. 

Sailing on to more great adventures and summer excursions!