Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have so much to learn.  
I feel like life is often enduring differing levels of pain.  One bridge is crossed, 

then another, another, and just when you think you can take a breather you round the bend and there is another set of steep stairs to climb.  

When will I learn to attack the stairs with gusto like my three year old does?  When will I learn that, as my brother in law said to my sister not long ago,  "Doesn't that make you think that Heavenly Father had us in mind all along? "  

In ten, or fifteen, or twenty years I'm sure I will look back and laugh and how certain disappointments and changes in my life made me so sad.  Or stopped me dead in my tracks.   I'm sure it will all be ok.  I know it will.  Yet still some days its hard to look down the road.  I'm taking lessons from my 3 year old.  And someday, I'll learn.  


  1. And a child shall lead them ....

  2. I think you are doing way better than me!! I love those pictures also, where are they at?

  3. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

  4. Another of the posts that I had to keep unread because it moved me. Love you.

  5. These pictures are AMAZING!!!