Monday, June 28, 2010

Swimming Pool strategy

 We are in 100% agreement on this.  7:00 pm, or later, is the best time to go to the neighborhood swimming pool.  Why?

1.  It closes at 8 pm and that's it - time to go, the end.

2.  There is rarely anyone else there at this time so I actually feel ok about putting on my swimsuit and getting in the pool!

3.  Everyone comes home content, has a warm shower - into pajamas and then bed.

So far it's working for us!  I wonder how that teenage boy who closes up the pool feels about us coming in just when he's cleaned everything up and seems to be hoping to get off work quickly!


  1. Yeah for summer fun! I love your swimming pictures. xo

  2. He'll learn ... this is the Smith family private swim time! I love it!!! Yeah for summer!

  3. Once again - such cute kids !!! And we used to do the same thing. Always swim before bed. Of course in Arizona our intention was too cool off before going to sleep. But it would wear them out and they would all sleep so well !!!! Happy Summer Days !!!

  4. I love swimming later in the day way better than any other time. Its just better. I remember going with Scott on nights when the pool was open till 9 and playing in the pool even when it was dark. That is the best.