Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Brave Girl House

I feel that I need to share more about my experience at Brave Girls camp.  I have been asked many questions since I have returned home.  Most questions I can answer, others... well, the experience is somewhat sacred to me as far as some of the emotional journeys I walked and the ties that binds these women to my heart now.  Which leaves me unable to explain everything - it is my journey, and I'm still on it, and when I have fought the good fight and laid down to rest I hope my life will have spoken enough for me.  If not, I hope someone will find my story, and read it and it will help them to be better than I was. 

Was it worth it ? 
A million times over.  Seriously - it was worth it, and I'm worth it.  It was a good chunk of cashola to give up to go and do something for myself - and leave my family at home without me for 4 nights and 5 days.    And I would do it again and again and again.  I honestly can't think of any other way at this point in my life that my money could have been more wisely spent.  
How did it change my life? 
Becoming a part of the 'Brave Girls Club' has changed my life in several ways.  The best way I can think to describe it is 'art therapy camp'.  And that is such an understatement.  Meeting women from all different places, ages, backgrounds, families and situations - and truly connecting with them makes me feel so supported and not alone.  I came home feeling like I have a new army of sisters who will come together to help me become my best possible self.   I also discovered a lot about the artist inside me - which I KNOW we all have.  I was challenged to look deeper into myself - to figure out which pieces of me need to be restored, repaired and bettered.  To find the best parts of myself and use them to bless others; to walk with the sad and weak and scary parts of myself and find ways to heal.  
Do you have to be 'crafty' or a 'scrapbooker'?
Not at all.  Some people there had not every scrapbooked and were not familiar with most of the supplies.  Not an important element at all.  Each one of us used our innate desire to create in a different way to help us tell our stories.  
Did you go alone?  Was is scary? 
Yes, I went alone - not knowing anyone else who would be there.  Rather than being scary, this was rather liberating - I was able to share so much of myself and my story because I didn't have to 'watch my back' so to speak.  I did go alone, but I did not come home alone. 
What was one major thing that you learned? 
I learned a lot about being 'in the moment', being emotionally present as much as possible.  I learned that by teaching myself to be and to ponder, to evaluate and to focus on truth and promises and to listen I am truly "doing something" for myself that extends way past going to get a pedicure.  I am also "doing something" for my family, as I become a more whole and healthy person who can give more love as I restore myself to who Heavenly Father wants me to be.  
What's with all the art?  
Creating is a beautiful thing.  Taking something blank, or basic, or a collection of things and re-creating or making it into something new, symbolic and beautiful is a process that heals us in many ways.  I found this week that each time I began a new piece, my 'style' reworked itself - you can see that in my art I was going through a lot of emotions and listening to different truths.   Every thing we did was very symbolic and we talked a lot about houses - which led me to create this wooden house that will be hanging in my home.  I love how it turned out, so many layers to it, so many messages within and, of course, a lot of color and texture!  

Any other questions out there?  Are you wondering if you should go?  YOU SHOULD.  xo


  1. You put it all so beautifully. I have already told a few friends that they need to go as well. It's amazing the things that we went through and the art that we created.

    I didn't get as much art done as I would have wished but I've been working on it. Today, I've been working on my truths book cover and even doing that brings me peace and hope for my future.

    It was one of the best experience I have had in my life and I'm so happy you were there to share it with!


    p.s. I've walked yesterday and tonight! Tonight was hard but I DID IT ANYWAY. That is going to be my mantra when I don't want to go!

  2. E,

    I think of all the women at BGC, you were by far one of the bravest and watching you transform over those few days awe inspiring! You are a brave, strong and wonderful lady! Continue your journey my new friend!


  3. I agree with you. It was so worth the coin. I was going to share my art with Mom and Alice n(my other sister), but when I got to the house, it just did not happen. Thanks so much to all my new best friends. You each give me the inspiration to move on. :)

  4. I'm so happy that it was such an inspiring week for you. I'm thrilled you were able to go. xo

  5. so glad you could go! it sounds amazing and i'm glad you came home inspired. aren't good women so good for each other?

    miss you. xoxo :)

  6. Sounds like a great experience.
    I would love to do something like this.