Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunshiny Day

It was hot, hot, hot today!  We had a great time cooling off in the yard with the hose.  I love the way the kids look with water dripping off them and huge smiles on their faces.

I also have to laugh just a little bit about how many times 4 other children were happily playing and laughing and one particular three year old girl felt the need to give us the constant background noise of her loud wail.  Well, we had fun anyway!
Today was great for another reason - I got some fun projecting done while visiting with a great friend, which always fills my tank up.  I'm excited to get it finsihed up and all put together!


  1. post a picture of your project. you always inspire me! We have one wailer too, which I am sure the entire family can name after our reunion this summer. people must think I am insane as I ignore him while in public.

  2. I agree, post pictures of your project. Maybe I will get inspired to finish..er start a project. Nah...just post your pictures.

  3. can we see the finished projecting? looks like fun!