Monday, August 23, 2010

and we're off.

I just dropped off my oldest three children at school - FOR THE ENTIRE DAY.  I already feel strange.  The house is quiet and the little ones are playing upstairs.  Wish me luck on acting as a whirlwind through my house today, cleaning like I have never cleaned before!
I looked back in my review mirror and I could see my sweet son who just embarked on his first day at school for first grade.  He was quiet and thoughtful during the ride.  The girls were loud, singing and playing and tossing items around the car.  They seem more confident, after all, they know what an entire day of school is like.  I'm shaking just a little bit for my sweet boy.  I know he will do great, that other children gravitate to him because he is just so GOOD inside, but still I'm worried.  I can't wait to catch them in my arms this afternoon.
Before I get the kids off to school photos up here I have to finish up our beach experience.

 I think I will do this best by doing a lot of short posts.  That's the way my brain is working right now.
Every year at the beach it is the same:  I think to myself, this will be the year we will get the PERFECT family photo!  And it has yet to happen.  This year my camera is broken and the light meter is completely off.  This works fine if I am using the camera as I know how to get it right with manual settings.  When you have your wiggily 7 person family on the beach for photos and all they really want to do is run to the water it's incredibly more difficult to explain to a very kind grandfather who agrees to take photos for you that you have to manually focus each frame and yada yada yada.  The short story:  we still got some great photos and I should have sucked it up and paid to get my camera fully repaired!  Mabye next time, eh?
This year I especially enjoyed watching the sunsets with Grandpa.  He told me all about the "green flash" that people watch for - this happens when the sun reaches the sea and a wave comes up and in that single instance you can see the sun through the curl of the wave.  Some people have seen it once or twice in a lifetime.  Grandpa is still watching for it.
Sailing on to clean more!


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I'm sure Christian will have a great year. As for the cleaning, I wish you success. I'm trying to do the same thing, but the three little ones at home are my best mess makers!

  2. That picture of your kids with your Grandpa is just sweet - I love it!