Saturday, August 28, 2010

Boy in Action

It makes me laugh to see that so many of the photos I have of Christian at the beach are of him in action.

 Running and chasing birds,  (he became so proficient at this that he nearly grabbed one in his hands), playing smashball, boogie boarding, digging for sand crabs, throwing his football, chasing bubbles, running down the beach.  He truly enjoyed himself and had a great time just BEING a BOY.  Now that he is a big first grader I don't think he gets much time to do just that.  I'm so happy I captured him here being happy doing things that five year old boys just love to do.  It makes my heart sing.

Frozen banannas are a long time favorite and tradition at the beach.  It was so cute to see him step up to the counter, order his own, and smile as it was handed down to him.
It was a great week!


  1. I also love watching my boys be boys. Christian is such a cutie.

  2. I love that boy of yours! Beautiful pictures!