Wednesday, August 18, 2010

California Dreamin'

we are at the beach this week, having a wonderful time.  The siblings quarreling doesn't count, right?  That is wearing on me a lot lately.
I need to write down a few funny things Emma said yesterday and today.  Yesterday she really wanted me to play ball with her at the beach.  So I went over and tossed her the ball.  She did not catch it.  "THATS IT Mom, you are OUT of the game!."  ok.  I sit back down and watch the other kids playing.  "Mom, I need you to play ball with me."  I get up.  Toss.  miss.  "Thats IT, MOM, you are OUT of the game!."  This went on for a while.  All I could do is laugh! 
Tonight after we said goodnight to grandpa she ran back out and Said to him "and grandpa, have a LOVELY day too!."  She is such a silly girl. 


  1. California sounds WONDERFUL!
    Oh, Emma. I've never met her, but she'd fit right in in our family! What a doll!!!

  2. We miss you time we are coming in your suitcase. I hope Camille and Miss Sheri could be IN the game.

  3. Yeah for a week at the beach...fighting and all! What a sweet and funny girl Emma is.