Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Beach stuff

Favorite things at the beach:
seashells, running on the sand, frozen bananas, balboa fun zone, sunsets, grandpa's smile, frozen cheesecake on a stick, walking to the pier, watching fisherman, dolphins, wave jumping, reading on the beach, the smell of the ocean, happy kids, jellyfish, mexican food, palm trees, clipping up wet swim suits om the cothesline, beach toys, sea stars, climbing on rocks, chasing sea gulls, enjoying life!

note to self:  NEVER AGAIN cut 6 inches off your hair the day before you go to the beach so you look like a frizzy, wavy crazy hair lady the entire time (and while trying to get a good family photo!).
Emma is such her OWN PERSON that it comes as no huge surprise that as a family we often wait for Emma to decide for HERSELF that she does indeed want to do what we are doing and that she is coming on her own.  In spite of this, she still made us laugh so much and brought a happiness to the beach that only Emma can deliver!
Oh I want to go back RIGHT NOW.

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