Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bike ride!

This little boy is SO funny!  He absolutely LOVES to ride in the bike trailer.  Almost every day after he has a bath he says 'bike ride'!  With only the two little ones at home this year I have been able to do this a lot more and it has been wonderful.  These two give me a running commentary on the prarie dogs and the 'hop bugs' (grasshoppers) they see along the way.  Emma even lets me know when we squish one with the bike tires.  Silly.   Just in case you can't tell, Clark is smiling and saying 'cheese'.  It looks a LITTLE bit like a happy smile!  They are so fun.


  1. Emma's bike attire is awesome! I love seeing Clark's teeth. You must have awesome leg strength pulling them both! I still take my boys out in our jog stroller, but they don't love it. They barely tolerate it! xo

  2. Clark is so cute! And way to stay active. I haven't been doing very well the last few weeks.