Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life's Test

It's one thing to be sick.  And tired.  It's another thing to have your baby who is already incredibly clingy and needy to be sick and tired and want his momma all the time while she is in the midst of packing up the household.  Poor baby.  We are back in full swing of nebulizers, inhalers, vapor rub on the feet, the whole deal.  I have one re-occuring thought:  I MUST prevent this boy from needing yet another surgery!
Yesterday reached the point where I finally just said ok buddy whatever you want you got it.  Just so we can have a little bit of time without tears and for mom's arms to take a breather.  I'm not saying that I am a really big supporter of young children sitting on TOP of the kitchen table eating popcorn.  I'm just saying, some days you do what you have to do.  This boy has been sick for 2 weeks now and these are the times when I ask myself how to measure my success in the proper form.  I read this quote this past weekend by Sheri Dew and it has been on mind every since.

"Our mortal experience is designed to test what we really care about, what we really believe, what we really want to become, and how we really feel about our Father and His Son."

I'm happy to say that I have spent a lot of time sitting down snuggling my little one as I look at the empty boxes that need to be packed and the packed boxes that now have the day's items strewn across the tops.  I'm tired.  But I'm not worn out.  I still have some life left in me and I want to live it in a way that you can know what I really care about, you can see what I really believe, I'm become better each day, and there is absolutely no doubt how I feel about My Savior Jesus Christ and my loving Heavenly Father.


  1. Every time you post you have something profound to offer.

  2. Awesome post, and I love your resounding response to Sheri Dew's quote. I'm so sorry Clark has been sick - we'll keep him in our prayers. Hang in there. We love you!

  3. I love that quote! Thank you for sharing it. Poor Clark! We will pray for him. Packing stinks! xo

  4. Sending Clark get well hugs and sending you an "I think you are fabulous message" Thanks for sharing !!!!