Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sir Bob

at our home we have often hear the saying "yes siree, Bob."
Now we hear Emma frequently answer "No Sir Bob".
this girl just keeps us laughing.  I tucked her in bed at 8:30pm and as she yawns and stretches out she says "Can you bring me some pizza or somthing right now because wow, am I hungry!"
Tonight as we gathered to kneel in family prayer she began a really amazing display of her new self taught burping.  Serioulsy.  WHERE does she get this stuff?  I don't even know how to make myself burp and she is three.  Wow.  A lot of the time I am either laughing or crying.   I try not to imagine the teen years at this point.  This photo so perfectly illustrates her personality:   the other four children gathered for a photo and she has freed herself of her skirt and is running away down the beach.
We are having some really sweet moments together while the big kids are at school and Clark is napping.  It's been a real treat for me to look into her eyes and laugh and play with her while I soak up all the time I can with this sweet and wild personality!
I love her so!


  1. she is definitely a free spirit! love to hear about her latest "antics" - keep them coming!


  2. I completely love her and this post.