Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I recenlty found this book at a second hand store.  I paid $1 for it.  At first glace, I thought it would be a riot to read through the leading advice and ideas on 'mothercraft' as they called motherhood in the 50's and 60's.    As I have continued to read however, I find myself wishing this was a book on the top ten best sellers list today.  Truth never changes.  Truth is never outdated and it never stops producing the same results.  I will share just one of my favorite parts; perhaps its my favorite because it supports my belief on how I like my home to feel.  My home is definitely a place where children are children... perhaps because in some ways it continues to give me an excuse to be a child still (especially when doing art projeccts!).

The book was printed in 1952.  The pages are yellowed and worn.  I love it.  I am acutally using some of the pages for an art project but I wanted to scan some of these that I thought were great sections.  
Speaking of children being children, don't you think that the combination of a swing from the swingset hooked through the handle of a wagon makes the perfect child-drawn carraige?  Genius.

Life is so interesting right now.  And by interesting I mean crazy, tiring, cramped, busy, out of the ordinary.  Yet I can see blessings every day.  I can see beauty in the change of seasons, in people, and mostly; in my children.  Surely the Lord cannot forget any of us... I belive that.

sailing on to dance class with one 3 year old who dresses up for it for 2 house before and has yet to actually DANCE during the class.



  1. Emma cracks me up. I imagine it's not quite as fun/funny being her mother.

    We had some friends over awhile ago and one of them said "Your house is such a good kid house. I love it." It was a big compliment to me. I usually worry about the decor (or lack of decor) when people come over. I'm glad that my house is a place where kids and parents feel comfortable letting their kids play. That's better than having pictures on the wall in the living room right?

  2. What a lovely sentiment. And I love those enthusiastic non-dancers! :)

  3. Cool book. How i love old books! What a great wagon! Sav truly is a genius, Emma and sweet, happy Clark make me laugh. I need to call and catch up. xo