Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I've been 'Thrilled'

This post goes out to all of my Christmas time Mint M&M loving sistas!  I have been telling my boyfriend (husband) that I want to get a bag of these and send them to all of you.  Then I realized that
a) it would cost more to ship than to purchase them initially.
b) they would get all banged up/melted/mashed in the mail
c) you would only have one bag and may need more than that!  :)
So I will instead share with you my discovery.

I love all things mint.  Mint ice cream, mint hot chocolate, mint brownies, mint icing, mint italian sodas, mint cookies, you get the idea.  So when there is a new mint candy on the market I take it upon myself to try them out and see where they weigh in.  Mind you, I have tried many new mint chocolates, candies, and flavorings in the past few years (and I've got the hips to prove it!).  This is the only one I find worth mentioning.  After I discovered these a few months ago; I have cruised right past the "regular" holiday mint m&m's.  Just try them and you will COMPLETELY understand (and possibly curse me for telling you how good they are).
 So far, the only store I have found that carries Mint Thrills is  Target.  I think they may have an exculsive on them.  Go ahead, get yourself some and try them and let me know what YOU think!
They also have a purple bag that is dark chocolate and my boyfriend has verified they are fantastic as well.


  1. Now dark chocolate I can get behind, but mint chocolate? Not my thang....

  2. As one of your mint M&M loving sistas I am envisioning a trip to Target in my near future.

  3. oh, I love mint M&M's. We don't have a target here, so will have to pick some up when we are in Salt Lake next.

  4. I can wholeheartedly second this endorsement! These M&M's are wonderful. So pretty too. They are metallic speckled green. While we are talking chocolate...Cabury makes Christmas balls now that are like their easter eggs. SO good!

  5. Hey Em,

    I've enjoyed reading your have good perspective on things even when they are hard. I'm going to try harder. Love you!