Monday, January 24, 2011

I miss..

my blog.  I can see a light at the end of this tunnell and it includes a home and a computer set up again with internet access.  I have been writing in my many journals, though, in the blog absence, and somehow I always have more to say.  This way I process my life and challenges and thoughts better so I can keep moving forward.  Writing it out is almost as comforting as speaking it to someone I hold close to my heart.  I had such a chance today to speak with a great friend and it lifted me so much. 

On a lighter note, Emma is keeping us laughing (sometimes in exasperation) all the time.  Today she was outside looking for her father yelling "Dad, Dad, SHOW YOURSELF!".  she is a crackup!  We are looking forward to her 4th year birthday party (in our home when you turn 4 is the really the first party you have and they go every other year after that)  hopefully in our new home! 

Ever forward, but slowly.  I am still sailing...


  1. I miss....


    I have a house and internet and yet I still seem to neglect my blog. Why is that?
    I agree that writing things out is cathartic-- it helps me cope and understand and gain perspective, too.

    Any house news? Where are you living right now? Apartment? Parents? Curious.

  2. We are excited for the new home for you! Let us know when you need help with moving ... etc. And yes, I miss you too!