Wednesday, February 16, 2011

4 Years Old

My four year old just makes life brighter.  She also makes it more messy, fast paced, sassy, silly, wet, tiring, and downright funny.
We began the morning with the traditional breakfast in bed.  The night before she requested 'just what mom had on hers' (when was that, mother's day?  Am I really required to remember what my plate looked like then?) So I said, ok scrambled eggs?  No she said, only straight eggs.  OK.  So straight eggs, cinnamon toast, fruit, yogurt and juice.
After we got the big kids off to school we had a bubble bath and got ready for her BIG party.  Her party consisted of her two friends joining us for lunch, decorating cookies and then our old neighbor friend (whom we miss) and the boys joined us for a game of duck, duck goose, opening a few gifts and cupcakes.   It was perfect.  She was thrilled and everyone went home full of sugar, tired and happy!
We picked up the kids from school, came home and made dinner and had Grandma, Grandpa, and two awesome uncles and two counsins over for dinner, MORE gifts, and cake and ice cream.  Everything went so quickly I hardly captured the day with photos.  I missed her blowing out candles.  She was supremely happy (as she always is when all focus and attention is on her).   There were many phone calls and cards and sweet wishes {THANK YOU}.

Of course she wore her Snow white dress AND crown the entire day, well that is until she received a strawberry shortcake nightgown from her sweet frieind.  The crown stayed.  Then she wore that right on through dinner and until lunch the following day!  Emma, you are quite a girl!

at 4:
Favorite color:  Pink
Favorite book:  The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear
Favorite movie:  Cinderella
Favorite Food: noodles and strawberries
Favorite item of clothing:  any dress that twirls and is not 'scratchy'.
Favorite place to go:  target
Favorite activities:  having multiple baths, playing with her dolls, stealing food out of the fridge
Favorite Song:  Love Story
Favorite shoes:  One black cowgirl boot, one pink.  On the wrong feet.
Favorite accessory:  Headbands.  She wears several each day, changing often to match multiple outfits changes and always making sure to sleep in one.

Gifts at this age:  Straweberry Shortcake playset, Plum Pudding, Strawberry nightgown, clothing, headbands and hair clips.

We love you four year old girl!


  1. I miss 4 year old girls. They are a delight. She seems like a total ray of sunshine with just enough sass in there to keep life interesting. (As if it weren't interesting enough already, right?!).

    Glad you had a lovely day. And that she did, too!

  2. Happy Birthday Emma! We love and miss you sweet girl.

  3. What a cutie! I love her favorite shoes. :)