Monday, February 21, 2011

Flying: Lesson 1

I wanted to do this report last night but time slipped away from me again.  I am committing to weekly reports because I NEED to report to MYSELF.  I need to keep myself accountable.  I need to get on track.
What I most desperately need to do is FIND MY WINGS.
I've been searching long and hard and those wings are really hiding from me.  My lesson this past week is that both life and finding my wings is going to take something very important:


That one word - Remember.  Years and years ago my older sister told me that was her favorite word.  At the time I thought that was great but it had no personal significance to me.  Today it does.

This past week I have been doing a lot of thinking and remembering.  When I remember who I am I have a great capacity to be who I need to be.  When I remember what really matters in life I remember to measure my success properly.  When I remember that I am greatly blessed I stop trying to get more 'stuff' and start using what I already have.  When I remember what its like to have a sick child I remember that our health challenges are insignificant and we again, are blessed.  When I remember that God is in charge of my life, that his hand is holding my arms up again, I can smile and move forward.  When I remember what my goals are; what I REALLY want, most everything else becomes perfecly clear or conveniently disappears.  When I remember the people who have given so much to me I can then thank them.  When I remember that life is beauty and I'm surrounded by it I actually take the time to inhale it.   When I remember what calm without rush feels like I become more calm.  It's like magic.

I remember.
Now that I'm doing some remembering I'm sailing off in search of those wings again.


  1. What a beautiful post Emily! Thanks for the insights and the inspiration. You write so beautifully. xo

  2. Thanks for this, Em. You're the best. Hope you are flying soon;)
    Love you!

  3. There you go again - inspiring me to try a little harder !!! Love you girl !!!