Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It feels so good to be home.  The hardest part right now is for me to decide to finish the moving in process and unpack the boxes rather than just buzz about doing all the projects and painting that I want to do to make it feel like MY home.

So far there are a few things I know for sure.
#1.  DO NOT keep your kitchenaid mixer next to the glass cooktop.  If you just so happen to tip it over by mistake the glass cooktop looks like this:
How, you may ask, does one tip over this extremely heavy object by mistake?  Well it all starts with making a double batch of cookies which does not fit in the mixer (knowing how much your family loves pudding cookies and it would feel so happy and fun to have this warm and tasty treat in your new home).  When said batch of cookies is overflowing the sides of the bowl (and one very smart two year old is opening his mouth directly next to the side and catching the excess) the mixer becomes quite a mess and you decide to wipe it down after the dough has finally been cooked and taken care of.  This is where the fatal mistake happens.  Don't try to reach down to the very bottom and clean thoroughly - your washcloth may go underneath the mixer and upon pulling it out tilt it just enough to gain the momentum needed to crash and shatter the cooktop.  Tempered glass, ahem, yea, unless you are talking about a kitchenaid mixer apparently.
Any questions?
#2.  It's exciting to have a garage again.  But not NEARLY as exciting as it will be when the garage is organized and cleared out so vehicles may actually pull inside of it.
#3.  Life is not perfect no matter WHERE you live.  I'm sure of it.
Happy sailing!


  1. That boot picture is so adorable. I love it. And my kitchenaid is now across the kitchen from the glass cooktop. Nothing like having to replace stuff right after you move into a house. I'm so sorry, that is crappy.

  2. First of all, I LOVE that boot picture.

    Second, Murphy's Law states that something like the cooktop disaster MUST happen upon moving into a new house. We flooded our basement (totally our fault) within days of being here. I think it's part of christening the new place and making it "yours"....

    I'm SO happy for you and the house looks just beautiful.

  3. Love the new photo!
    Oh no about the cooktop. Look into getting an induction one. Pricey, but SO worth it. I REALLY miss mine. Boils cold water in less than 2 minutes and will not burn little hands (the cooktop that is). Amazing thing - that induction cooking.
    So glad you are back!

  4. sorry about the cook top. I wish i could take pictures like you. Love you!!

  5. I love your new house! What a bummer about the cook top. Please share pictures of your painting and projects. I get fabulous ideas from you! xo

  6. Oh Bummer! I am so sorry, that royaly sucks!!! Love the new house - so cute! Can't wait to see your projects! LOVE the boot picture!

  7. LOVE the boot picture too!!! Just think of the fun stories you can tell about the cook top!! The house we moved into in Wisconsin didn't have a stove so we were using the camp stove while waiting for our new one and flames shot up the wall!! I called 911 but couldn't remember our address so Heidi had to run outside to find it on the house. Our neighbor was a fire fighter and was able to get the fire out but we got the whole department any way. Just think of the fun stories your kiddos will be able to tell about moving into the new house!!

  8. Ahh, that boot picture is perfect!
    Congratulations on your new house for your family!
    And sorry for the stove top mishap...memories, new memories (good or bad) in your new home! Hope it brings laughter later on.

  9. What happen to the 2 Burner Cook-top? why is it the glass of the burner is broken?