Thursday, March 24, 2011

About the lockers....

All of you were so close.  I see that you are as shocked as I was that Kurt chose the YELLOW.  All on his own.  I said, ''are you sure" and he said yes for sure.  Shocking.  Thanks, I'm glad you liked them.  I will be sending out some cards anyway, thanks for playing!
Off on a spring break outing, fighting again the wind, wish us luck!


  1. Hi Em! Sorry, I've been absent from the commenting lately, but I LOVE the lockers. Love them!!!

  2. I am laughing...I would NEVER have thought Kurt would pick yellow! Fun and funny. Color bring such joy to life.

  3. Way to go Kurt! He threw us all off since yellow has been your color for so long. I love them. You did a great job. xo

  4. the lockers are great! they look like my old locker from powell middle school...i'm glad you painted them!