Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another solution I love

I have been seeking a solution for our laundry room which serves as a walkway in from the garage to the house.  It is more of a narrow hallway than a room.  It is hard enough to get everyone through without pushing and shoving and tracking mud and snow all along the way, much less have a place for coats, backpacks boots and shoes.  My husband spotted these lockers on craigslist (is there such thing as a craigslist giftcard? that would be awesome!)

We paid $ 60 for all of them and took a trip to home depot to allow each family member to pick out their own color.  There is one extra and I chose the color for that one as well as my own.  Can you guess who chose which color?  I am offering a prize of 5 handmade cards to anyone who gets all colors guessed correctly!

Now before each child goes to bed they have their backpack in their locker (with homework in it!) , ready to grab on their way into the van.  Also they can each keep their snowboots, gloves and hat as well as coat or extra shoes in there.  I hang my purse up in mine.  We are all happy with how our own color turned out and it is a great solution to an overcrowded laundry room and coat closet!  On the top of each locker rests our 72 hour kits, packed and ready for each family member should we need them.  I painted metal stackable bins in corresponding colors that now sit inside the shelf in the kitchen with each child's reading logs (we have suffered greatly in the past from losing these a few days before the end of the month and they are part of the reading grade!) and ongoing work, coloring books for the little ones.

Now if only I could get the rest of my life this organized!

sailing on to find an entire night's rest and clear sinuses!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! And I peg you with the yellow color. Bright and cheery.

  2. I LOVE these. I'm so happy for you (and very jealous) that you found something that works for all of that "you want to leave it by the door for easy access" stuff.

    I'm guessing
    purple - Maddie
    light blue - Sav
    black - Christian
    pink - Emma
    dark blue - Clark
    yellow - Emily
    blue - Kurt
    Red - extra

    Yes I know I went in order for your kids but I was also looking at the backpacks on top as a guide.

  3. so cute!! I think from right to left:
    yellow= Emily's
    turquoise blue= extra
    red= Kurt
    blue= Christian
    pink= Emma
    black= Clark
    light blue= Sav
    purple= Maddie

  4. I am so in love with these lockers!!!!! What a great deal, I am so glad you found them! My guess is that your 2 are the orange and yellow (looks like orange to me, maybe red?)blue inbetween them is Kurt's. Brown Clark, other blue Christian. Pink is Emma, purple Maddie and sky blue Sav. You have added one more bit of inspiration to me to get my 72 hour kits done asap. xo

  5. My guess is the same as Heather's. LOVE this idea - you are so great!!!

  6. Purple - Maddie... Dang. I was about to put what I think and I realized Kristen put exactly what I was going to put. Except you picked the red and the yellow and Kurt picked the turquoise blue in between.

  7. Ok, here goes.
    Purple - Maddie
    Light blue - Sav
    Black - Christian
    Pink - Emma
    Blue - Clark
    Red - Kurt
    Turquoise - Em
    Yellow - extra
    They look amazing! YOU are amazing! I love them. Way to go.