Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coming Together

This room is ever so slowly coming together.  I have a set of armchairs being recovered that I am waiting for but so far I am really loving how the window thing turned out.  The walls in this room are just so large that I felt I needed to do something with a lot of impact to fill up all the space.  I will show you the whole room when I'm finished in a few weeks but for now here is how the windows turned out:

I'm not liking how the ceilings are all tan but I need to wait unti I can have a day to rent some scaffolding to paint them white.  That won't be happening this month.
The best part about this is that I used things I already had.  I have been collecting windows for a while.  I have another project I really want to do and I need MORE of them!  he he.  The only cost was some strong hangars from home depot and some of my husband's precious time!

What do you think?  I LIKE it!


  1. so cool. The different colors and 3 dimensional-ness is awesome.

  2. I love it! You did an awesome job. It has great impact and is totally you! Well done.

  3. I adore it! You are so talented Em!!!! I am with you about the tan ceilings...weird. I am excited to see other pictures. And I am so sorry you have to paint ceilings...once when I was 15 I chose to stay home with my dad instead of going to utah with my mom and sibs. The catch was I had to paint some ceilings in our house. I imagined a little work and then lots of time hanging out with friends and reading...didn't happen quite like that...

  4. Love it Em!!! It looks awesome! You are amazing!

  5. Wow. That is amazing. Seriously. Now I see why you don't know what the Jimmer looks like.

  6. Wow!! I love them!! I don't think I have ever seen tan ceilings. Wish I could come help paint!!

  7. I love it. You are amazing. bobby is going to die over your lockers. You have a gift my friend!

  8. Love your windows Emily!! so clever. I am going to paint my living room yellow and was wondering what color you used on your LR walls. I am collecting colors until I get he right one.
    Please email it to me at
    Thanks sweetie,