Monday, March 7, 2011

Flying: Lesson 3

Surround Yourself with what you love.
This past week felt great and terrible all at the same time.  There are some things I really wanted to get done that I did accomplish, mostly because of Kurt's help.  At the same time I felt the full force of being ten years behind on cleaning, laundry, memory keeping, and every other area of my life.  How is it possible to be proud of what you accomplished and disgusted with yourself all within 90 seconds?
This past year I have realized many things about myself; many of which I'm not proud of and need to change.  One of them is that I need to be a much better house keeper and schedule keeper.  I have really been working on staying home all day after I get home from the gym, making sure Clark gets his nap and that the kitchen is clean and ready for dinner.  This part is great.  The bad part about this is the other part of me that is embarassing.  After being home for a while and taking care of some menial tasks I look at the clock and tell myself 'Hey, I don't need to pick the kids up from school for 2 hours!  That is a LONG time. I should do a project really quick'!  Ha.  I know, you are laughing already,  it's true.  It's a sickness.  Yet it's something that keeps me going; keeps me sane, allows me to think through my issues and emotions and gives me a way to express myself.  I'm not saying this is for everyone - it drives most people crazy.  For me, I have come to the conclusing that doing something I love, even for a little while each day, even if it makes a bit of a mess or makes your neighbors raise their eyebrows when they can see the mess inside your garage - well - it just helps.  It makes life less daily and more filled with things that make you happy.  It allows me to fill my surroundings with things I love.  This week I filled my house with a color that makes me happy:  yellow!

I know, you say, what about re-sale?  I'm SO tired of hearing this that I want to cry when I hear those words.  Who knows how long we will live here and I sure don't care who likes it between now and then as long as me and my family are happy and comfortable here.  While I live here I am going to make it mine - and to me that means filling it up with colors, antiques, and things I love.  I'm not sure but I have this hunch that everyone should try it.  Let part of yourself free just a bit and embrace it. It feels good.  I have also been spending little chunks of time creating cards.  I have an amazing friend who opened a boutique with a partner this past fall and she allows me to sell cards in her shop.  I love doing it! I feel like I can express so much just by making a card and I'm pleased with what I have sold so far. It's fun to see how many I can make in 10 or 20 mintues.

My plan for next week is to get a firm cleaning/house keeping schedule in place!
Still in search of those wings,


  1. Our respective wings are probably hiding not too far from one another. I'm glad you're painting, and I think yellow is a great color. I have two yellow rooms in my house now, and had a yellow kitchen in my old house. I'm sure you'll love it. You're doing great! xo

  2. I adore yellow walls!!!! I actually think they are a great neutral to play off of because you can go so many ways with the rest of the room. I wish I had your afternoon energy. Thanks for this post. You inspire me!

  3. when you get your wings, come by and grab me by the nap of the neck and take me where you are headed, would you?! Yellow is the perfect color for you...and for me. Oddly enough. Odd only because after reading this I realize just how different we run circles around my pitiful self!! Loving your flying lessons. Love you! Rosie