Monday, March 14, 2011

Flying lesson 4

A nothing week.
Well I would like to say that this week I learned a whole lot of really super enlightening things that made me fly.  In fact, I wiped noses, gave extra breathing treatements, went to the doctor, forced in eye drops, held crying children and gave up more sleep.
I sometimes wonder why my children are sick so often and think about how it's not fair.  I have many friends whose children have NEVER been on antibiotic, never had stitches, never been admitted to the hospital.  I don't live in this world.  I have a baby who will most likely be sick every other week for most of his life.  I have 3 children who are asmatic.  I lost count of how many stitches we've had and how many times we've been admitted to the hospital.  Two children (combined) have had 7 surgeries and 11 surgical procedures done.  All of this in 10 years.  I'm tired.  Where was I when strong health was getting handed out?  Ok.  Enough of the pity party.  I just worry and get tired.

I was inspired by what one of my sisters in law wrote on her blog about visiting a war re-enactment.  She said,
 "I wondered yesterday as we listened to musket and cannon fire if I give up too quickly. Do I sometimes think losing a battle means the war is lost? I think I could use some additional  tenacity, innovation and bravery meeting the challenges in my life. "
you can see the entire post here

Let's chalk this week up to a lost battle, but a war that is not over yet.  
Back to sailing and searching... 


  1. Does it help at all to know that I have wondered the same things? Why are health challenges so abundant in your family? No answers here, just loads of sympathy. I am so sorry your sweet kids have been sick. I will pray more for all of you. I think you are amazing. Here's to having faith that we can win the wars in our lives. I love you-Jen

    I adore this art! What is if from? LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it! Thank you for sharing it. I know it seems like a small thing, but experiencing some great art first thing in the morning is wonderful.

  2. THis is the inside cover art of a vintage Nancy Drew book!

  3. I was going to guess Nancy Drew! I read all of her books growing up - and now there are more?!?

    Hang in there - this too shall pass and you shall rise above it all. Here's to all of us in finding our cruising altitude/attitude because I needed it last week ...

  4. I'm sorry it was a tough week. Thanks for sharing your SIL's thoughts on not giving up. We talked about that very thing last night for FHE. Several of my kids are facing things they need to fight through and we all need to dig our heels in and refuse to quit. Here's to a new week and the hope that it will be better, right? Love you!

  5. So true. I know I give up too easily and need to keep fighting the war. Love you.

  6. I don't know what to say except that you are inspiring. Here's to a battle won next week.

  7. ok, i'm with you. that really is a ridiculous amount of hospital/doctor visits! but i'm guessing you handle it all better than you think. keep it up! xoxo

  8. I am going to start looking for vintage Nancy Drew books. I loved Nancy Drew for a while when I was a girl. I hope my kids will too. Love ya!