Monday, March 28, 2011

Flying: Lesson 6

Quitting is not allowed. 
I have had to tell myself this many times this past week.  It's a good thing to tell yourself when you really would rather give up in many areas.  I have to remind myself that I just have to keep trying - don't give up on keeping the house clean (impossible goal), getting in better shape, learning more, and being a better mother.  If I just don't quit that has to count for something.  There are many things in my life that I have quit on and I wish I would have stuck it out.  Here's to sticking it out! 
ps.  aren't these cards from a vintage memory game amazing?


  1. I think you wrote a post I need to write! Here is to enduring to the end with a smile on our face. Not just enduring, but living. I can sit and endure, but what would I learn? I've got to go, do and be! Looking for my wings too ... xoxo

  2. that card is awesome. And it's true. Quitting is not an option. :)

  3. At first I read "Quilting is not an option." I was like what the heck is wrong with Quilting? Emily, call me. :)

  4. yes, dear. quitting isn't an option. but wallowing is an option...just not permanently:) So, you asked how to step it up. Rule have to be at the bottom of the productivity/get your crap together level to be able to step UP:) You friend, aren't there;)
    The kennedy road address is old. 138 Cedar is the new one, do you have that one? I'll email you. Love you!