Sunday, April 17, 2011

Enough rock already!!!

I really really love spring.   Even more than that, I love growing gardens and lovely flowers.  I have to admit that as I recently drove past our previous home and saw all of the peonys, black eyed susans, lemon thyme, delphenium, and daisy's coming up tears came to my eyes.  Not to mention the asparagus, rasberries, huckleberry and blackberries in the back yard.  I fully intended to bring those peonys with me, after all I brought them there from our old place - I felt like they were mine since I discovered them only after ripping out huge fitzer bushes.  Yet the circumstances and rapidity of our move didn't allow me to.  I'm so sad.  Not only for the cost that it will take to replace everything but because I feel like they are mine and belong with me.  Oh well, boo hoo.  The most sad part is that at the new house all that is here is a really unhealthy lawn and rock.  Rock and rock and more rock.  If I see any more rock I am going to cry!  Anybody want some rock?  Come and get it!
Do you have any idea how much work it is to move rock?  Well its not going nearly as fast as I had planned and its heavy and hurts your back!  One side of the backyard looks like this:

I envision this space becoming something more like this:

ok, I know minus the lake in the background and all that extra fancy stuff.  I mean the garden part of it.  I have decided to committ to raised beds and I'm excited to see how I can maximize my square footage and learn more about what I can grow that my family eats.  I love walking out to the garden to make a salad.

I'm happy that our seeds are now seedlings.  I always enjoy growing from seed, I love that I am getting pure, heirloom varieties and in most cases have seeded my own plants from years past and have no additional cost in the seeds.
I'm also happy that the large and hairy wolf spiders we came across during our rock work were already dried up and dead.  The kids still wanted to keep them in a jar.  I suppose there is SOMETHING fascinating about them being so large.  Or creepy, if that's not your sort of thing.
I'm happy that I have some really great helpers as well.  It's a huge plus that they are cute too.
Let's hope for an energy filled, getting ready for Easter, rock disposing of, productive week!
sailing on in search of less rocks and more beauty,


  1. I am so sad for your flowers that got left behind. I totally understand how much you miss them and how they seem yours. I am excited to see what your back yard looks like in the future and I am SO SORRY you have to move all that rock. Huge bummer and so much work. xo

  2. we grew our seedlings in egg shells too! (only mine didn't grow - i tested out some seeds from last year and apparently they weren't good anymore!)

    and that dead spider is super gross. :)

  3. wow! I'm so impressed with the fact that you have gotten seeds from plants and used them that next year. that's amazing.

    I love seeing all your projects and the fun stuff you do. Your energy and attitude amaze me.