Monday, April 18, 2011

Flying: Lesson 9

Take time.
Life with a family is hectic.  It's anything but slow moving and restful.  It is jam packed with fun, excitement, emotions, sports, performances, arguing, quiet play time, imagination, school, homework, bicycles, reading logs, trampoline jumping, messes, growing, laundry, dirt digging, changes and a lot of broken things along the way.  It is in fact sometimes so hectic that I have to remind myself to take the time to enjoy what we are rapidly sprinting through.  Taking time is rarely convenient yet always rewarding.

Today I took some time with the kids home from school and we walked to the park to fly the kite, colored chalk and painted water on the driveway, made sugar cookies and played the wii.  I don't particularly enjoy playing the wii, I would rather watch the kids play  (ok unless it is Tetris).  Yet THEY love it when I play with THEM.  They love knowing that rather than watching from the kitchen while I start the dishwasher again, I'm stitting right there, elbow to elbow, hanging out with them.  It's amazing.

Speaking of taking time, I took some time today to observe how grown up Madeline is.  Wow.  I feel really old and tired now.
sailing on,


  1. This is probably the lesson I have the hardest time learning.

  2. you are right. madeline looks very grown up. i remember always dropping by your apartment on the way home from my evening runs just to visit and hold little baby madeline. so sweet.