Sunday, April 10, 2011

Moments of awesomeness (no extra charge)

Have you ever had a four year old crawl into YOUR bed shortly before six am,  insist on snuggling up to your face and touching you, smile at you, and say "Mom, can you not breathe on me?   Your mouth doesn't smell too good."
How can you not smile and kiss her on the head?  It's just so funny.  As if I forced her to come to my bed and put her cheek on my face!

Yesterday as we ran around between soccer and working on a garden spot in the backyard, dad working and stopping for a frozen yogurt treat,  I sat at this little round table eating frozen yogurt with my five children piled all around me thinking,  This really is fun.  It's awesome.  It's unforgettable.  Being a mother is great, hard, tiring, awesome work.

Today Sacrament meeting was unforgettable for reasons which are neither awesome nor fun.


  1. Hey, I know those Sacrament meetings! Yep. Too well.

    Those two pictures are great. Love Em's face in that first one. She is a lover.

  2. Thanks for the smile. That Lil' Emily is too cute.