Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spoke too soon

I was just telling a friend this afternnoon that it has been about 5 days since Clark has had a cough, we are doing so great, it feels good to know we are all getting healthy again.  Why did I speak those words out loud?  Not two hours later I was standing about 2 feet away when this sweet boy decided to slide off the pole of the trampoline like sliding down a fire pole.  (Just as I said, hey buddy, can I help you down?) The only problem is that screw that holds the pole up connected quite well with the outside of his lip while his teeth did a great job of slicing through the inside of his lip.  And you know what?  He is asleep on my bed, coughing!

The thing I hate the most about stitches or any hurt in my children is that - and I'm not kidding here -  I can FEEL the hurt.  I can feel this twinge when I look at those stitches and I know for 2 seconds how much it is hurting him all the time.  I feel so sad for him to have more hurts.  It is so frustrating as a mother being SO CLOSE when things like this happen - I wonder - why didn't I protect him?  Why didn't I see that was going to happen?  I love this little boy so much.  I love that two days ago I was following him around watching him walk with his hands clasped behind his back.  I love how he carries cars and trucks around and how he loves he Momma.  I love it when he is healthy.  It's bad when you don't even want to finish off your chocolate ice cream.  Poor, poor baby.
It is saturday now and this boy is  just as sweet as ever.  He was such a good sport attending soccer and trying to eat a few bites of food here and there.  Oh I love him.


  1. what a sweet boy. we hope he gets better soon.

  2. I always feel like I'm taunting the universe when I say things like that out loud. I'm sorry he banged up his lip!! That kiddy face pic might just make the whole thing worthwhile, though. ;)

    I have been completely in love with my Cannon lately in the same ways -- just thoroughly enjoying watching himealk around and exist in his own little universe. I will truly madly deeply miss this little phase of his life.

    Happy, well thoughts from me to you and litte Clark. Smooch!

  3. Poor Clark! I am so sorry for both of you.