Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dining Room

Well this past week has flown by and crawled by at a snail's pace at the same time.  When the nurse is coming in to wake Clark up right after he just finally fell asleep its been slow going.  As far as making any progress in any other areas of my life its lightning speed passing by with no improvement.

How is it that I can be gone for 32 hours and I feel a week behind?  The house is a wreck and I walk in the kitchen and look around and think to myself, do I really live here?  Did I really think it was ok to walk out the door when my kitchen looks like this?  Ok, not that I was out shopping or something but seriously.  I'm not talking dishes.  I'm talking school papers all over the place, a huge stack of library books, way too many glass 'things' of some sort because I love them - what is wrong with me?

So in all that time sitting with Clark at the hospital with him telling me 'Open your eyes Mom, no sleeping', I have been have a huge internal debate about what should be the color of my dining room.  I know, I am so awesome at meditation and reflecting on infinitely important matters.  I thought about other things too, but as far as in the project category the dining room is bugging me.  I have tried 4 or 5 colors on the wall already that I thought I would love but they are not speaking to me.  Then I saw this photo.  I would swap out the table for a huge, long, whitewashed wood farm table, and on that beautiful white ceiling I would want white wood texturing, but those are the ONLY two things I would change.  Ahh.  Too bad my dining  room does not have a wood floor I can paint like this and too bad I don't have those huge ceilings or doors even for that matter :)  Ok, I'll keep dreaming, but in the mean time, what color should it be????  White looks beautiful but how bad will all the food marks and fingerprints bother me?

Clark has been a trooper - all the doctors and nurses are amazed at how he holds still and doesn't complain and takes his medicine and lets them poke him and bother him - unless they bother to read his chart or notice that it's about 8 inches thick; at which point they realize he is a seasoned pro at age 2.5 and has been through more procedures and hospital visits and stitches than most people see in a lifetime.  Right now he is most upset about the restricted 'soft food' diet (can you blame him?).  Yogurt and Smoothies are great, unless those are your only options.  So far Jello and applesauce have been flat out refused.  Ice cream seems to be ok most of the time, although again I think the fun is gone.  He is such a sweet boy and from time to time lifts up his shirt to show me his stomach and says 'Mom, look what happened to me.'
Oh, I know buddy, I know.  And I am SO. Sorry.


  1. Em, you're doing great. Taking care of Clark is the most important thing to do right now; the house will fall into place as you adjust and as he heals. As for the dining room, that's an awesome picture. I think if you paint in a semi-gloss so fingerprints come off, you could probably do white. The fun thing about white is that you can change everything else whenever you want and it still looks good.

  2. Just a note about your 'meditating' guilt. Seriously, when we were in the hospital during Brigham's surgery, I read books, watched movies, read blogs, everything but meditate. I needed the distraction -- I think it keeps us sane in the midst of the stress.
    And oh, how I LOVE those nurses who seem to know exactly the moment the little one finally falls asleep so they can come turn on the lights!!! haha.

    I hope he can expand his palate soon and get some other foods in there. Like you said, those things are only treats when they're treats.

    Love you. And that dining room is very pretty. I would have major stress about the constant stains, mess, etc. with so much white...that's me, though, and I have anxiety about a lot of messy things. That's why there are really not a lot of decorative things around my house. The simplicity gives me relief. I love that we can all have different ways of finding peace in our lives, whether it's by having lots of pretty little things or having very few things. Glad Heavenly Father has given us ways to deal with our circumstances.

    Anyway, I sure love you. Have been thinking about you so much. Glad Clark is home and doing at least pretty well.

  3. Poor Clark. We are still praying for him, and you! :) What a sweet boy. As for the dining room, I say go with white if you want to. Buy a good, washable paint and it will hold up fine! (says the woman who looks at all the dirty, worn, white trim in my house and wants it clean and intact...) There is just something to love about white walls,especially in a colorful house like yours. Love ya

  4. Hi there. Poor Clark. Poor you! I am no good at decorating, so I have no good suggestions, but can't wait to see what you decide on! I'm sure it will be perfect. I have an email in my outbox waiting to get finished addressed to you...someday soon! Sure love you. Hang in!